Skill Based Classes

Absolute Beginner Pole

If you have never tried pole dancing before and are curious, this class is for you! This 1-hour class is a sample sized nibble of fun. You will be introduced to the pole through a variety of basic movements including dips, slides, poses, and spins.

No experience necessary. All are welcome to join!
MON 12pm | WED 12pm | THUR 5:45pm | SUN 4:45pm

Novice Pole

The novice class is designed to provide you with a strong foundation necessary for a successful pole journey. We'll concentrate on strength, body awareness, and floor work. You'll learn fun party tricks like climbing, inversions, and chair spin.

Requires 4 Absolute Beginner classes or instructor permission.
MON 1:15pm & 5:45pm | FRI 5:45pm

Intermediate Pole

Intermediate classes continue to build on your growing movement foundation with moves that begin to challenge your physical & mental boundaries. With a focus on combos, you will start to gain stamina. Skills learned include inside/outside leg hang, shoulder mount, and reverse grab spin.

Requires a controlled chopper invert, standard and side climb, inverted crucifix, and flight attendant.
WED 5:45pm | FRI 12:00pm | SUN 4:45pm

Open Level Spin Pole

If at one moment you're going "whee!" and then a split second later you're screetching "arghdsfer##$@@#!!!" on spin pole this class is for you! We will learn how to mount, dismount, and utilize the forces of physics to create beautiful shapes and transitions on spinning pole.

Novice Pole experience required.
TUES 5:45pm | FRI 1:15pm

Advanced Pole

Y’all ready to get buck wild? We focus on sequences that challenge your stamina, flexibility, and mental strength. You are presented with a wide breadth of tricks and movement styles to encourage exploration to see what works with your movement voice. Skills include moves that only have 2 points of contact.

Requires circus climbs, controlled shoulder mount, brass monkey hold, butterfly, tammy, climbing on spin, jamilla, reverse grab spin, inverting on spin pole.
THUR 7pm | SAT 11:15am

Shape Lab

Shape Lab is a class for exploring how your body naturally wants to move to create unique and beautiful shapes of your own! Students will be given cues (a pole trick, a transition, two poses to piece together, etc.) to create their own shapes and transitions and will have the opportunity to share those discoveries with the class, as well as try out other students’ creations! Shorts are needed for this class and heels are optional but encouraged.

Requires the ability to hold a sit, jasmine, and climb.
Alternating sat 12:30pm

Booty Werk!

We will mix elements of traditional twerk, bounce, dance hall, along with core and lower body conditioning. Get ready to sweat and werk that booty! #sweatfactory. Please bring booty shorts, knee pads, water bottle, and optional tennis shoes.

No dance experience needed. All levels welcome!
Alternating sat 12:30pm


Performance Based Classes

Exotic Low Flow Pole

Exotic Flow is all about helping you to conquer fluidity in your movement and learn how to freestyle easily on your own. There are two Exotic Russian style routines a month. The first week we will learn a new choreography working on hand and foot placement, flow, and control of movement. The second week will be going over the choreography and learning freestyle tricks on and off the pole then putting our choreography together with your own unique freestyle.

Novice experience recommended. Bring knee coverage and socks/heels.
MON 8:15pm

Pole Fusion

Pole Fusion brings together beginner/ intermediate pole tricks with a variety of other dance styles, ranging from Broadway, Tango, Swing, Salsa, and more! You will learn choreography, develop character & acting skills for performance, and build ground dance techniques to complement your pole studies.

Novice Pole experience recommended.
MON 7pm

Hump & Grind

Do you like to roll and writhe on all the surfaces (chair, floor, walls, literally anything) while listening to music that makes you want to curl your toes and pull your hair? If your answer is "yaaass qween!" then you need to get your sexy butt into this class. Expect to tap into some dark corners of your sexuality and let a monster come out to play.

Absolute beginner pole experience recommended. This class is taught with stripper heels.
TUES 8:15pm

Flow, Sway, & Spin

Do you love to listen to music while dancing!? Us too!! Each week you will learn a different choreographed routine. This ranges from, but does not always include, low flow, floorwork, transitions, heel clacks+booty popping & spins. We will focus on the art of fluidity with a dash of musicality! Join us in this exploration of movement while building stamina, improving stability and burning off all those delicious carbs!

No experience necessary.
WED 1:15pm


Dance, Flexibility, & Conditioning Classes


Using the techniques of High Intensity Interval Training and Circuit Training, we will target all of your needed aerial muscles, and their lesser used counter parts to give you a balanced and strong flight-ready body. The class uses a fun mix of aerial apparatuses, poles, bodyweight training, and pre-hab tools.

No experience necessary. All are welcome to join!
TUES 12pm

Do You Even Lift (Yourself)?

This pole conditioning class is an open level class that works the 3 core components of pole: strength, stamina, and skin conditioning. We start with a heart rate accelerating cardio warmup, move into floor conditioning exercises, and then end with pole drills for all different experience levels.

Absolute Beginner Pole experience recommended.
TUES 7pm

Fly-lates: Conditioning

This Pilates-based class will build your strength and mobility through fun but challenging mat sequences and pole conditioning! Pilates focuses on building core strength meant to support movement through the rest of the body, which is a perfect supplement to any aerialist’s training. This class utilizes bodyweight exercises, props, and the pole to give you a full-body workout designed to make your aerial journey fun, safe, and maybe just a bit easier with all that strength you’re building!

Shorts and optional knee coverage are recommended for this class.

No experience necessary. All are welcome to join!
THURS 12pm

Bend Not Break

Bend Not Break is 50% strength and 50% stretch. We start with aerobic movements to warm up the body and then move into exercises that build your range of motion through muscle stability, balance, and expansion. We will bend and twist your body into shapes that you never imagined possible.

Come to class wearing layers of clothing so you can get warm fast and do not forget to bring your water bottle. Hydration is essential!

No experience necessary. All are welcome to join. Note: This class is entirely floor based.
THUR 8:15pm | SAT 10:00am

Sensual Slow Flow

Trying to find soulful release and balance through movement? This class is your chance to slow down and come back home to your body.

Longer than our normal group class (90 minutes!), we start with a slow, juicy warm up followed by instructor guided explorations that help you reconnect with your body’s own unique voice and movement. We blend dance, stretching, meditation, and conditioning together in to help you intuitively melt into your authentic, emotional, sensual, and erotic self. No mirrors, judgement, or self doubt. Come discover your body’s voice and let it sing.

No experience necessary. For new class participants, please arrive 15 minutes prior to the start of class for orientation.
WED 7:00pm | SUN 6:30pm

Align and Shine 🙌🏼🌟 Sunset Rooftop Yoga

Unwind from your daily grind and let loose with some pre-weekend positivity during a dance-inspired yoga flow. Class will focus on bringing the energy of mindfulness into your movement through the alignment of body and breath. You can expect conscious breathing, playful sequencing, funky beats with an occasional hip hop song, and the freedom to twerk. (Because who doesn't secretly want to twerk while downward dogging in a yoga class?! 💁🏻‍♀️🤷🏻‍♀️)

Every third Friday of the month on the private rooftop patio at SoFly Social

Please plan to arrive 5-10 min early to get settled.
Every Third Friday 8:00pm


Our Classes

We value unbroken movement exploration as a core part of all of the classes we offer. Regardless if it's aerial movement, grounded dance, or conditioning we emphasize flow, transitions, and even the significance of stillness.