The Party Experience

Looking for something unusual and fun to do right in the heart of Austin?
Get weird with us for a bachelorette (or bachelor!!) party, a birthday celebration,
or any other kind of occasion!


Party Offerings

We offer small parties for groups up to 5 participants for 75 minutes long and large parties for groups up to 10 participants for 90 minutes long.

All of our parties include warmup, instruction, a post-class chocolate & champagne toast, a soFly survival giftbag for your guest of honor, and plenty of time for pictures. 

Leave your self doubt at the door and release the bad beast you know that lives inside of you. We encourage lots of pictures for y’all to capture unforgettable moments and share them with the world! (Or hide it away for a few VIPs 🍆)


Chair Tease Party

Eyyyy mami! This is our most sensual styled party focusing on the erotic self. We use all surfaces — walls, floors, chairs, and the pole to melt, ooze, and seduce. This class will teach you skills that you can apply… well… you can guess for yourself 😉

Pole Dance Party

Don’t want to look like the drunk girl at the club? Our pole party will teach you the foundations of how to strut, do spins, and maneuver your body on and around the pole with confidence and ease. The lesson builds into a mini routine at the end of class where you can perform for each other without realizing how much you’ve just worked out!

Lyra Party

Do you know how you can look pretty and elegant while not realizing you're doing approximately five million pullups? Lyra is an amazing apparatus that allows even beginners to look awesome and effortless. Take it for a whirl and feel the exhilaration of the spin!

Note: We can only accomodate small parties (up to 5 participants) for lyra parties.


Party Pricing

All party reservations include lesson and post-instruction time for a champagne toast and pictures. Small parties are 75 minutes long and large parties are 90 minutes long.

Small party (Up to 5 participants)


Large party (Up to 10 participants)


Extra Large party (Up to 15 participants)


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