About Us

We, the soFly Social team, are here to guide you through your own movement journey. We encourage you to shed the stress of daily life in order to find presence within our studio walls and bond with your classmates.

Luki Luki Martino
co-owner | Pole, Flexibility

“I pole dance because I’m fucking crazy. I’m over 40 years old. I should be in a retirement home and not on a pole... maybe I should say something more professional. I love watching people come out of their shell and working with them to move in interesting and unexpected ways. Oh, I also like to dance slutty.”

Fav food Grilled cheese with tomato soup


Joannie Joannie Wu
co-owner | Pole, Conditioning

"I love how the energy of my students radiates outward. Without fail I always end class feeling significantly more energized and inspired than how I started regardless of how hard I was riding that struggle bus at the beginning."

Fav food Every asian noodle soup bowl ever!


SarahM Sarah Marsh
co-owner | Pole, Lyra, Flexibility

"My style is a mix of campy, sexy, and silly and I want to share that with all of my students. I love seeing their excitement and feeling of accomplishment when they realize how strong they are!"

Fav food Lemon cake, lemon cookies, lemonade... lemons!!


Callie Callie Langford
co-founder | Pole, Dance

“My journey into pole dance has brought me strength, health, art, expression, a community of the greatest friends, and so much more. I love being able to share that with others and watch them grow in their dance and themselves.”

Fav food I love all food! Part of my love of pole dance is staying active so I can eat lots of food.


Erinina Erinina Ness
Instructor | Pole, Aerial, Conditioning

“My clients inspire me to be better. I love helping people get their body strong in a balanced way, while learning how to use proper form. I love helping people reach goals they thought were impossible. I am a performance artist, trained first in physical theater, and love how each person moves and expresses themselves differently.”

Fav food Tacos!!!


Jessica Jessica Marie
Instructor | Pole

“For me, pole dancing is therapy, a form of self-care, and a means of empowerment. Through pole I started valuing my body for what it could do rather than what it looked like. I wouldn’t have been able to achieve this transformation without the positive community and environment that pole dancing brought to my life and I want to help other reach this point of fulfillment and body love.”

Fav food Breakfast tacos and guacamole.


Shannon Shannon Young
Instructor | Dance

"This (Slow Flow) movement has the potential to be all the things: emotional, spiritual, sensual, and physical. Did I mention life-changing? I love witnessing students begin to explore and tap into their bliss and then challenge themselves to take it to the next level. It lights me up; leaves me inspired and keeps me moving."

Fav food All the pasta!


SaraB Sara Bergmanson
Instructor | Pole, Lyra, Yoga

"My love for yoga led me to aerial yoga and then eventually to my aerial silks addiction. For me yoga is a lifestyle. It keeps me balanced and grounded in my aerial practice. I think yoga is a great tool for everyone no matter what type of athlete you are or your movement abilities."

Fav food Bread! Although one could say cheese is the glue that holds my life together.


Erin Megan Ximenes
Instructor | Pole

"I love the versatility of pole. One day it can be mellow, soft, sensual or even erotic. The next day it can be powerful, acrobatic, and energetic. It can fit anyone, at any stage in their life. (I have even taught my grandparents, aunts, and neices!) It can nurture you and push you into finding inner and outer strength you never knew existed. I am forever grateful for my own pole journey and for the freedom I have in exploring movement. My mission is to serve as guide for others in their own journey and to help them find their own inner and outer strength."

Fav food Sushi! Spaghetti! HOT CHEETOS!


Irene Irene Tapia
Substitute Instructor | Aerial, Conditioning

“I’m passionate about holistic wellness and I am excited to share my knowledge with Sofly. As a a certified personal trainer, an aerialist and Aerial coach, I combine all these skills to share with willing students who want to better their form, strengthen their bodies, and have fun. I ventured into aerial arts when I decided to overcome my fear of heights. The fear has not gone away, but I discovered my love for dancing in the air! ”

Fav food Cake and breakfast tacos! Is there such a thing as breakfast cake?!