Our Classes

We value unbroken movement exploration as a core part of all of the classes we offer. Regardless if it's aerial movement, grounded dance, or conditioning we emphasize flow, transitions, and even the significance of stillness. 


skills based classes

Absolute Beginner Pole
Prerequisite No experience necessary

If you have never tried pole dancing before and are curious, this class is for you! This 1-hour class is a sample sized nibble of fun. You will be introduced to the pole through a variety of basic movements including dips, slides, poses, and spins.

WARNING: Pole dancing is highly addictive. Symptoms include increased self-confidence, toned body, and lifelong friendships.


Prerequisite Newbies, Pole foundations series, or instructor permission

The novice class is designed to provide you with a strong foundation necessary for a successful pole journey. We'll concentrate on strength, body awareness, and floor work. Students will work on individual moves as well as stringing movements together to create simple combinations. You'll learn fun party tricks like climbing, inversions, and chair spin. Perfect for the next time you find yourself at Dirty Dog. #InvestInFreeDrinks


Prerequisite Novice skill proficiency or instructor permission

Intermediate classes continue to build on a students’ growing movement foundation supported by moves that begin to challenge their physical & mental boundaries. With a focus on combos, you will start to gain stamina. To amp up the fun, you will now be introduced to Spin Pole (seriously, this is life-altering). Skills learned include inside/outside leg hang, caterpillar climbs, shoulder mount, and reverse grab spin.

Advanced +

Prerequisite Intermediate skill proficiency or instructor permission

Y’all ready to get buck wild? Not only do we work more physically demanding skills the emphasis is building sequences together to challenge stamina. Students are presented with a wide breadth of tricks and movement styles to encourage exploration to see what works with their movement voice. Skills learned include anything including moves that require only 1 or 2 points of contact.

Ur Wish is My Command

Prerequisite Novice skill proficiency or instructor permission

Is your Saved Folder on Instagram bursting at the seams? Bring your wishlist moves and we will help you deconstruct the move to do it safely and with confidence. Less experienced poler do not despair! If you are not strong enough to nail a specific move we will modify to other moves or conditioning that help build up to these trendy moves.

Advanced Wishlist

Prerequisite Instructor permission is required to join.

This class is not for the faint of heart! For this class, we will break down and work on components of advanced and extreme level pole moves. This class relies on some level of student autonomy and physical self-awareness.

Must demonstrate confident circus climbs, shoulder mount, caterpillar climbs, and at minimum one ayesha pose in order to be eligible for this class.


performance based classes

Pole Fusion

Prerequisite Some pole required

Pole & theatre fluidity
Pole Fusion brings together beginner/ intermediate pole tricks with a variety of other dance styles, ranging from Broadway, Tango, Swing, Salsa, and more! You will learn choreography, develop character & acting skills for performance, and build ground dance techniques to compliment your pole studies. Dance styles and choreography will rotate monthly.

Bottom Feeders

Prerequisite Some pole experience required

Ground & low pole fluidity
We will focus on exploring movements across the floor and at the bottom half the pole. We will explore depth in movement through level changes and dramatic pauses. At times the class will be more slithery and sometimes it will be more acrobatic with low rolls, flips, and pole-assisted inverted shapes. Let’s get primal and rooted!

Do wear layers including socks and kneepads.

Hump & Grind

Prerequisite No experience necessary

Pole, chair, & floor fluidity
Do you like to roll and writhe on all the surfaces (chair, floor, walls, literally anything) while listening to music that makes you want to curl your toes and pull your hair? If your answer is "yaaass qween!" then you need to get your sexy butt into this class. Expect to tap into some dark corners of your sexuality and let a monster come out to play. Wear something that makes you feel sexy and fierce.

Free Yo' Self

Prerequisite Some dance and pole experience preferred but not required

Pole & floor freestyle
Disconnect from your rational brain and let the music take over as you shed self-doubt and tap into a creative space of musicality, flow, and feeling. We will experiment with exercises to help you get more and more comfortable with getting into that creative zone including utilizing unique props, scenarios, and music. This class has a rotating instructor schedule to help students be more exposed different expressions of freestyle.

Wear whatever gives you life! You do you boo.


dance, yoga, and conditioning classes

Bottoms Up

Newbie class, Pole Foundations series, or instructor permission

Pole inversions conditioning
his class is an inversion focused class that helps students build their strength and skills for all types of inversions: standard inverts, shoulder mounts, ayeshas, and even pole assisted handstands!

Come to class with tight shorts that expose the upper thigh and a sleeveless top.

Sensual Slow Flow

No experience necessary. This class is for all self-identified women.

Fluidity movement
Trying to find soulful release and balance through movement? This class is your chance to slow down and come back home to your body. Longer than our normal group class (90 minutes!), we start with a slow, juicy warm up followed by instructor guided explorations that help you reconnect with your body’s own unique voice and movement. We blend dance, stretching, meditation, and conditioning together in to help you intuitively melt into your authentic, emotional, sensual, and erotic self. No mirrors, judgement, or self doubt. Come discover your body’s voice and let it sing.


No experience necessary. All are welcome to join

Strength conditioning
Using the techniques of High Intensity Interval Training, we will target all of your needed aerial muscles, and their lesser used counter parts to give you a balanced and strong aerial body in a fun 45 minute class, followed by 15 minutes of active stretch cool down.

Frisk & Flirt

No experience necessary

Foundations of Burlesque
Learn how to captivate and milk the attention of your audience while getting your glow on with fun, frisky, and judgement free guided dance

Bend Not Break

No experience necessary

Flexibility conditioning
Bend Not Break is 50% strength and 50% stretch. We start with aerobic movements to warm up the body and then move into exercises that build your range of motion through muscle stability, balance, and expansion. We will bend and twist your body into shapes that you never imagined possible.

Come to class wearing layers of clothing so you can get warm fast and do not forget to bring your water bottle. Hydration is essential!

Do You Even Lift (Yourself) ?

Prerequisite Newbie class recommended but not required

Pole conditioning
This pole conditioning class is an open level class that works the 3 core components of pole: strength, stamina, and skin conditioning. We start with a heart rate accelerating cardio warmup, move into body weight or light kettle-bell HIIT styled exercises, and then end with pole drills with different levels of difficulty depending on the individual’s experience.

Come to class with tight shorts or capris that expose the backs of the knees and a sleeveless top. Water bottle omg.

Halp, Everything Hurts

No experience necessary

Self care yoga
This class is for those athletes who work hard but then neglect to follow up their gainz with post-workout self-care. You probably hate life now, don’t you? This class combines yoga, restorative stretching, and trigger point release to help allow the body to recover faster so you can go hard tomorrow.

Come to class with comfortable layers of clothing and a water bottle.

Circus Circuit

All levels encouraged, beginners to advanced

Aerial conditioning
Join Colleen for Circus Circuit where we will drill essential aerial skills as well as work on complimentary ground training. The class has some cardio, lots of strength building, and always ends with flexibility training. 60 minutes of a fun workout!